Erin N. Haynes, DrPH, MS
   Director of Clinical & Translational Research Training Program
   University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center
   ATRN Leadership Team Chair - Elect






Erin N. Haynes, DrPH, MS is a community engaged environmental health researcher. Her primary research interest is to examine the effect of low-level toxicant exposures on neurobehavioral outcomes by working with affected to communities. Specific research interests include evaluating biological and health outcomes in children resulting from exposure to multiple metals, such as lead and manganese, evaluating gene-environment interactions that may influence the neurobehavioral effect of metal exposure, and increasing public knowledge of environmental toxicants that threaten public health. 

Dr. Haynes is also the Director of the Director of the Community Outreach and Engagement Core within the NIEHS funded Center for Environmental Genetics, and Director of the Clinical and Translational Research training program. | Read more about Dr. Haynes